Upcoming 200-Hour YTT Certification Programs

Start Date: 9/17/2021
200h Teacher Training
Instructor: Kim Murphy
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The training is taught over nine intensive weekends, and class size is limited to 24 students in order to provide individual attention to each participant. This format supports students having time to integrate the material, complete homework, and prepare for assigned practice-teach sessions.

In the first half of the program, students learn effective methodologies for teaching postures, pranayama, and centering. Students also learn about the history and philosophy of the Tantra Hatha Yoga tradition.

In the second half of the program, students learn to design and lead three kinds of classes: a vinyasa workout class, a meditative posture class, and a gentle stretch class. Pranakriya graduates have a deep understanding of the teachings of yoga and are prepared to teach in a variety of settings including yoga studios, gyms, and online.


Eligibility and Requirements

Applicants must meet the following requirements to participate in the program:

  • At least two years of yoga practice (at least six months of classes with a certified instructor).
  • The ability to demonstrate an experiential understanding of yoga practice and its benefits.

The Pranakriya Basic 200-hour YTT is registered with the Yoga Alliance and meets or exceeds all of Yoga Alliance’s requirements for 200-hour teacher training programs.

Questions or concerns? Contact info@pranakriya.com