We are lowering our Early Bird Pricing in 2019!

Because most of our Directors travel long distances to offer our programs at studios close to your home, it is important for us to know ahead time if you are planning on attending.  We hate to cancel programs, so to encourage early registration, we have created a 2-tier earlybird discount system for 2019.  If you register 8-weeks before a program, you will pay less than our 2018 earlybird prices.  At 4-weeks, you can still receive a discount off the full price.  Please note, that if a program does not have enough participants by the 4-week earlybird, it is often canceled.

It has been 5 years since we have raised our prices.  Did you know that other training’s around the country cost $500-$800 for 3-day programs and $800-$1200 for 5-day programs?  You will see a slight increase in our full-price tuition for programming in 2019.  This is due in part to looking at the national averages and seeing that we are below the average and because the cost of airfare has significantly increased for directors.   However, to off-set any difficulty, we have implemented the new earlybird pricing structure mentioned above.

5-day Program Pricing
Full Price:    $650 plus materials
Earlybird 1:  $500 plus materials
Earlybird 2:  $575 plus materials

3-day Program Pricing
Full Price:    $450 plus materials fees
Earlybird 1:  $325 plus materials fees
Earlybird 2:  $400 plus materials fees