Hello to the Pranakriya Community,


I would like to share exciting changes that are happening in our 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training program and provide an update on the latest information from Yoga Alliance.


First, due to Covid-19, Yoga Alliance has not released the new 300-hour certification standards that would require yoga schools to make changes to their graduation requirements. Originally, these new standards were to be announced in June of 2020. This allowed us to push back our deadline for students currently pursuing their 300-hour certification to March 30, 2021. If you are working on your certificate, we recommend reviewing the new Pranakriya 2021 course schedule and attend the courses you need for completion before the March 30th deadline. Once the new Yoga Alliance standards are announced, we will make the necessary changes to our curriculum and graduation requirements to comply with these changes. If you have not completed all of your courses by March 30th, you will be required to complete your 300-hour certificate following the new Yoga Alliance guidelines.


As of 10/13/20, we have added Musculoskeletal Assessment as a required 300-hour course. We are no longer offering Holding Space and will be integrating the course material into other programs including Anatomy. If you have attended Holding Space, this course will still count towards your 300-hour completion. For a complete list of courses for the 300-hour program visit the Pranakriya website.


As a graduate of the Pranakriya 200 and 300-hour teacher training programs back in 2007 and 2010, I have seen our school evolve and shift to meet the ever-changing needs of the yoga community and its teachers. Our curriculum has been designed to allow students an opportunity to dive deep into the rich history of yoga and explore the practical application of the material on a personal level, while being supported by experienced yoga practitioners. Our course model of learn, experience, practice, and teach has proven to be effective in graduating confident yoga teachers that are ready to teach only days after completing a program. The team of knowledgeable, experienced, and diverse yoga practitioners that make up our Program Directors, Board of Directors, staff, and committee members work together to make Pranakriya a respected and leading yoga school.


As a school and community, we have done the work and created a solid foundation for learning and growth. When it comes time for change, we are confident our curriculum will not need a major restructure to fit into the new standards set out by Yoga Alliance. However, we do welcome a shift in our curriculum that will reflect the current climate of our yoga community. We have been working as a team to bring our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training up to the new Yoga Alliance standards and I have confidence that we will have a smooth transition shifting the 300-hour program to comply with Yoga Alliance when the time comes.


For ongoing updates and the latest course schedule, please visit the Pranakriya website and connect with us through Facebook and Instagram.