Happy New Year! I hope this finds you and your loved ones easing into 2019. Winter Solstice passed less than two weeks ago. The day marked the longest night and shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere. We are in the heart of the winter season; a time for slowing down and turning inward. In ancient times, this season was seen as one of death and rebirth. It coincides with the holiday but also marks the closing of one year while another one begins.

This time of year finds many of us making new year’s resolutions. How many of you do this year after year?

I am a former resolution setter myself. Mine would go something like this… In 2019, I will finally lose X pounds; I will force myself to go the gym X number of days per week; I will not eat this or that; you get the picture. Furthermore, I would find myself drifting away from the resolutions by end January or mid-February, if lucky enough to last that long. Sound like anyone you know? Yeah, me too.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, resolution is defined as the act or process of resolving; something that is resolved.

A resolution implies that there is something wrong that must be corrected. I lived in this state for years thinking there was something wrong with my body and that it needed to change to comply with societal standards. I will admit that I’ve done it year after year after year after year…living in a constant state of restriction all the while punishing myself for failure to meet said resolutions. In hindsight, I think of the many moments of connection and joy lost!

I dropped the resolutions many years ago and instead began to cultivate a mindset to manifest what I wanted in the new year. I wrote affirming things I wanted to bring into my life instead – I will travel to Italy; I will move my body more days than not; I will nourish my body with healthy foods (and the occasional piece of dark chocolate). You get the picture.

Does this mean that all my intentions happen in the year I want them to? Not at all! Sometimes, things take a little longer but I put it out there to God/the Universe so my heart’s desire is known. Guess what? It works every single time! Furthermore, I’m not operating from a place of lack or restriction but rather from a place of abundance. It’s there for the taking if you shift your perspective.

For many of us we need to eat less junk food and more vegetables. We need to move our bodies more. We need to find compassion for self and others. It’s true. However, when we make resolutions that deprive us from having things we desire – a piece of chocolate, for instance – we are also depriving ourselves of a moment of joy.

Instead of starting the new year from a place of restriction, start with a few affirmative intentions for what your heart truly desires in 2019. What will help you feel nourished, supported, and more fully alive in the new year? For 2019, my hope is that we can all stop, breathe, and listen to the wisdom of our spirit on what is truly needed in order to live a fully nourished life in 2019.

May all beings be safe, healthy, and loved in 2019.
Jai Bhagwan!