Julie Vastine, a recent YTT graduate from Yoga At Simply Well, shares with us a short piece on themes she calls:  Pranakriya Seasoning

Have you ever sat down to prepare a yoga class, established a theme, but then discovered that your chosen quote or reading isn’t quite right? Well, do not fear, my fellow yoginis, this is a perfect opportunity to spice it up with a little Pranakriya seasoning! As we know from spending time in the kitchen, seasoning has the ability to enhance the flavor of a food item. Take the fantastic root vegetable, the sweet potato. With different seasoning strategies, you can transform a sweet potato into a pie, a Moroccan stew, or a savory breakfast hash. Well, imagine the impact on our practices and classes with the addition of Pranakriya seasoning!

Pranakriya Seasoning Definition:  The process by which you take quotes, song lyrics, actions, etc., and deepen them with Pranakriya philosophy and core values.

To underscore the power of Pranakriya seasoning, share the original quote, line, etc., with author citation, then share the modified quote, heightened with Pranakriya flavor.


“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” – Aristotle    

Sprinkle in a little Pranakriya seasoning…

“The energy of the mind paired with breath and movement enables us to live more fully alive.”

Pranakriya seasoning can augment old idioms too:


One step at a time.

Add a little Pranakriya seasoning:

One breath at a time.

When leading a yoga workout class, adding Pranakriya seasoning to song lyrics is a great way to reinforce philosophy while providing your students with mental, and at times, comical relief during a challenging hold or pose.

Song Lyrics:

        Take your passion and make it happen. (Flashdance, What a Feeling by Irene Carra)

                            Good as is.

        Don’t stop believing. Hold onto that feeling. (Journey)

                           Don’t stop breathing. Hold onto that feeling.

        When the working day is done, oh, girls they want to have fun. (Cindy Lauper)

                       When the class is done, oh YTTers they want to have fun.

        Feel it in your heart and feel it in your soul. Let the music take control. (Lionel Richie)

                         Feel it in your heart and feel it in your soul. Let the breath take control.

        Hey now, you’re an all-star (Smash Mouth)

                       Good as is, great for side boats.

        It’s a good vibration, it’s a sweet sensation (Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch)

                        Amazing for plank shaking.

        What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (Kelly Clarkson)

                      Breath paired with movement makes you stronger.

Pranakriya philosophy provides a roadmap to experience our lives more fully. Adding a sprinkle of Pranakriya seasoning to familiar phrases, songs, quotes, etc., is not only fun to accent themes in our classes but also in life.