Advanced Studies in Tantra Hatha Yoga


The Advanced Studies program gives yoga teachers and practitioners a deeper understanding of ancient and modern yoga philosophies and practices from historical and practical perspectives. The courses include the study of yogic texts, direct experience with ancient techniques meant to increase self-awareness, and information on how to appropriately integrate the learning into one’s personal practice and teaching.

This program is one of three specialized tracks within our 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training. To complete this track you need to take the following programs

Required Core Curriculum:

All 300-hour students must complete the Core Curriculum


Specialized Electives: these courses are specific to the Advanced Studies in Tantra Hatha Yoga Track

  • Deepening the Asana Experience (choose 1 of the 3-day programs that you have not taken yet)
  • Asanas as Spiritual Doorways
  • 1 Philosophy (choose either Understanding the Bhagavad Gita or the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, whichever you haven’t taken yet)
  • The Universe inside the Body of the Yogi: A Journey into the Chakras, Granthis, and Nadis


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Our Mission

The Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts provides transformative yoga instruction rooted in Tantric Hatha traditions for the modern Western practitioner.  We share these deep practices to enrich our community, creating a path to become more fully alive on and off the mat


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