In a recent poll conducted by Pranakriya’s Board, we asked members to think of their first strong bonding experience with Pranakriya yoga, a moment when they knew the relationship was real at a visceral level, then offer a few words to encapsulate that connection for a computerized word collage. One of the recurring phrases from participants, which showed up larger in the result, was “A PLACE FOR MYSELF.”

In yoga practice we have many opportunities to return to ourselves, and to oneness. Every person who teaches yoga carries a distinctive grace of balance. Some are still on their way to the excellent teachers they will surely become. Perhaps our ideal sadhana and daily life habits do not yet align. We are working and caring deeply for those around us, and many times there are not enough hours in the day for all we wished. Maybe we suffer illness and pain or work in social justice organizations, so we have additional struggles. Or we could be deeply immersed in wrestling the demon of holy poverty; we are tantric descendents, after all.

The emotional fallout from these manifold disappointments and irritations, our stealth holy wars, the aggression we have to keep to live but don’t want to pass to others – it all walks right in to sit down on the yoga mat with us, and it is loud. It takes up a lot of space. We sigh and begin to focus on our breath, and it rages on. We really can’t take it anywhere, we think, and try to stuff it back down inside. At some point we can harden against it, or we can soften, and feel it. Yoga returns to us that sometimes small but often radical moment of choice, again and again. We resist it so strongly, sometimes, but the magic happens when we allow that flame to burn. That is when change can happen. We all know the world can look like a different place on the other side of a practice.

The board recently held its annual in-person meeting in Crofton, Maryland. We saw an outpouring of generosity and kindness in response to Emily’s “No Beating around the Bush” post in the newsletter. With your help we are able to fill a few positions on the board and populate some committees instead of having only one person do that work. We have a full slate of trainings in place for 2020. Please take some time to look through the calendar on the website and be thinking about what you want from Pranakriya for 2021.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat.