From Meditation to Silent Sitting by Catherine Striegel

It’s been helpful to re-frame my goal as not “to meditate” but to sit silently. If in that silent sitting, I happened to get into a meditative state of mind, then wonderful. If not, that’s OK too. I still notice benefits, a sense of clarity and calm that comes from sitting silently even if I never fully drop into “meditation.”

Finding My Fun Again by Amy Necci

Singing in the shower. Dancing as I prepare for my day. Jamming in the car on my way to work or on a road trip. Hearing myself randomly singing a line from a song I heard earlier. All of these things that make me smile and bring a feeling of fun to my days recently made their reappearance in my life.

Joy, Frustration, and Being by Catherine Striegel

Have you ever had an experience where you feel like you could cry just as easily as you could laugh? Or be angry at someone just as easily as you could give them a warm hug. I’ve been noticing more and more than in the case of highly charged feelings, that energy is rarely purely one thing. There are shades and subtleties and I can choose to dwell in one part or another of the feeling.


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