We are welcoming two new Members to the Board of Directors this year – Denise Goodman and Cindy O’Brien.  This month, learn a little bit more about Denise.  

Hobbies/Pastime- reading, traveling with my husband and kids, the beach, looking at the clouds, collecting seaglass

Favorite PK Module- Bhagavad Gita

Favorite Food- anything that someone else is nice enough to make for me

Favorite Recipe- see above!

Favorite People- Michael Goodman, my husband of 29 years. My daughters…Samantha, Lucy, and Molly (and almost family…Scott, Mayana and Mel)

Favorite QuoteBe the change you want to see in the world … Mahatma Gandhi

Favorite Destination– our home in North Beach, NJ

Reading nowThe Mahabharata translated by Kamala Subramaniam in between some contemporary fiction

Favorite Practice Music– OM… a down load from Synchronicity that Yoganand turned me on to

Upcoming Goals/Plans- Doing my best to be an asset to the PK board and School, traveling back to India with PK in October, and getting all of my favorite people in 1 place for more than a day!