Last month, we explored how to more deeply connect with your yoga students on the mat and in the studio. This month, we’ll taking that connection out of the studio and into the online world.

Be consistent

Social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are the easiest way to connect with your students after class is over. These platforms are not only advertising sites; they double as a place — a community (if you will) — to continue the practice started in the studio, after the class is done. As a yoga teacher, you can use them to connect with your students and followers.

Not sure what to post?

  • Inspirational posts that are meaningful to you and your teaching practice
  • Share your favorite poses or what you’re challenging yourself to do, to deeper explore an asana
  • Share your class schedules, workshops, upcoming events.
  • You can even create short videos of you teaching yoga!
  • Check out what your teachers are posting to spark new ideas

Connect and Interact with Your Yoga Students

While in the studio, let them know that you’d love to continue the conversation with them, off that mat and in the online world… share with them where they can find you – social channels, website, blog… Add social media channels to your business cards/flyers/posters/decals for your car – you could even look into printing your website on the back of your mat

If on Instagram, follow them back. Keep up to date on what’s happening in their life so you can more deeply connect with them while teaching.

And remember, the online world isn’t one-way. Don’t just create posts but also be sure to engage with your followers through comments and answering questions. Build an online relationship with your students and share your expertise with them, even when you’re not in the studio.

Be Real

Always be real. Show the good and the challenging moments of your yoga teaching, practice and even perhaps your life in order to foster a deeper connection with your students.

Post photos that have a purpose and are a part of who you are truly, on the mat and in real life. Choose to share posts and pictures that will inspire your followers and impact them positively in their everyday life.

In Pranakriya’s Intentional Online Marketing program, we go in depth into all the many ways for you to show up and be more present for your students, out in the online world. The DIY online marketing version is available here. Pranakriya teachers receive a discount on the DIY program… email Chrissy to obtain the coupon code.

online marketing training for yoga teachersChrissy Gruninger is Pranarkriya’s Marketing Specialist, Director of the Intentional Online Marketing program for yoga teachers and the owner of Social [media] Wellness™, a boutique international social media company. She primarily works with eco and wellness companies and individuals, or as she likes to say, “good people doing good things”. With a graduate degree in sustainable living along with health coaching and yoga certifications, she blends a background in conscious living with her business experience and online marketing knowledge, helping her clients bring their positive messages of wellbeing and harmony into the world.