Tracks and Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum includes:

Teaching Restorative Yoga


Deepening the Asana Experience

(choose 2 of the 3-day programs)


Theory & Teaching


Theory & Teaching

Anatomy for Yoga Practitioners & Teachers

(choose either Understanding the Bhagavad Gita or the Hatha Yoga Pradipika)

Teaching Restorative Yoga

Holding Space:

The Energy & Anatomy of Touch

Choose Your Teacher Training Track:

Advanced Studies in Tantra Hatha Yoga

The Advanced Studies program gives yoga teachers and practitioners a deeper understanding of ancient and modern yoga philosophies and practices from historical and practical perspectives. The courses include the study of yogic texts, direct experience with ancient techniques meant to increase self-awareness, and information on how to appropriately integrate the learning into one’s personal practice and teaching.

Therapeutic Applications for Teaching Yoga

The Pranakriya Therapeutic Application of Yoga Certification Program is designed to provide Yoga Teachers with a strong personal understanding and expansive working knowledge of the healing powers of Tantra Hatha Yoga and the ability to safely communicate this information to their clients/students. This program provides a link between ancient yogic teachings and Western medical healing modalities.

Hands on Techniques for Yoga Teachers

Hands-on Skills students will learn the primary techniques of Nuad Boran, which has its roots in the diverse practices of Tantric Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Buddhism, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, practices that migrated through Thailand along the trade routes of Southeast Asia.  Nuad Boran helps develop hand and body dexterity, while cultivating sensitivity to be present and responsive to in-the-moment-changes that happen in a student’s and client’s body during a yoga practice or Thai session.

Specialized Certifications:

Prenatal Yoga Teacher

  • Basic Prenatal Yoga
  • Advanced Prenatal Yoga
  • 30 Hours of Teaching after both programs are completed

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Thai Yoga Certification

  • Anatomy
  • Thai Yoga Basics
  • Holding Space
  • Thai Sen Lines
  • Thai Transitions & Sequencing
  • Thai Practicum
  • Thai Mentorship

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