20160827_krissydopson_headshot_000022008 was the year I decided to start living. It’s not that life was miserable or unjust, but I had been living in a self-induced prison cell. I was incarcerated by my own emotions, fears and stories. As the years passed, my cell began to feel smaller and more confining than ever… something had to change.

Yoga provided the healthy change I was looking for. . For the first time in my life I found a practice that was both enriching and self-serving. It was something that I could experience physically but I began to discover that the physical practice wasn’t the only answer.  There was something more – I could taste the freedom from my self-created cell.

A few years later, with destiny by my side, I stumbled upon the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts, which was the key that opened the door of my cell to freedom. Freedom to feel with my heart and breathe fully into my sensational life. I remember my first introduction to Pranakriya, close to my home at Yoganand’s studio in North Augusta, South Carolina. Blindly, I walked in to meet my future YTT 200hr teacher and attend my first Pranakriya yoga class. I was greeted by a beautiful soul with the most tender smile who didn’t appear a day over 20. This lovely being was Amy, Yoganand’s wife. Beside her stood two men deep in conversation. I introduced myself to learn one man’s name was William, my soon to be 200hr YTT Director.  The second man, with the deepest blue eyes that could pierce your soul, was Yoganand. Over time, Pranakriya has taught me to be connected to my true self, to choose to show up differently in the world, to be comfortable expressing who I am, to love and be loved, to forgive, to release the stories that encumber me, to slow down and trust the process of change without necessarily understanding it and most importantly to see the entire universe and everything within it as one – one thing, one being, one wholeness.

My path of evolution is through Pranakriya yoga, what is yours?