amy necci, kids yoga teacherI’m a language girl! In fact, since I teach Spanish, I sometimes interpret and translate for people at the school district where I work. I also modify Spanish lessons and assignments in my classroom to meet the needs of my 8th grade students. I’m always looking for ways to weave my passions together, and the yoga teacher me definitely shows up in middle school some days. All the same, the Spanish teacher me finds a way to make an appearance in yoga class, too.   

Sometimes, I find it fun to use my language skills to translate yoga classes. How in the world do you translate yoga classes, you ask? I imagine the intensity of each class as the language (Gentle Yoga & Moderate Yoga) and translate my words from one to the other. I take Moderate Yoga practices I have written and teach them in my Gentle Yoga classes – translated into a gentle practice, of course. Then, I do the same in reverse. I teach my previously written Gentle Yoga practices in my Moderate Yoga classes – translated up a few notches to fit what the students came for. On occasion after class,  I share with my students that I did this, so that they have an example of how you really can modify any practice to fit what you need in that moment. All you have to do is be willing to make the modifications and do your own interpretation of the poses to honor your body and your practice.

Many times students have said to me, “I want to try a Moderate class sometime but I don’t think I’m ready to graduate from Gentle.” At this point, I start the conversation about shifting ideas and language around that. I often share some words that stuck with me from one of my yoga teacher training weekends: “The true yogi is the one who can go to any class and take care of themselves.” I believe that wholeheartedly.  I also do it myself on a regular basis. When I’m at a yoga class as a student, I remind myself of what I encourage others to do when I teach. I honor my own body as it shows up right in that moment, meeting myself with compassion and feeling into what I need. Instead of getting lost in translation, I find myself exactly where I’m meant to be. No matter what is going on around you, it’s the language in your head surrounding what you’re doing that drives the kind of experience you have, whether on or off your yoga mat.

Hello and thanks for reading!  I’m Amy, and like you, I am both a teacher and a student every day.  I am grateful to teach a variety of subjects, including yoga, mindfulness, essential oils, and Spanish.  I am a Pennsylvania native and have been practicing using all of these empowering tools for many years. I’m a constant seeker of balance in my own life and enjoy nothing more than weaving all of these passions together and sharing them via classes, workshops, writing, and more to serve others as they bring balance to their lives, too.   I also love infusing these gifts into my work as a public school educator. I would love to share more with you – connect with me at