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Items on this page are made available with the permission of Pranakriya where appropriate. Their sole purpose is to support interested students in study and devotional practices. They are not to be posted elsewhere on the web, distributed to others, or used for commercial or other purposes without written permission.

Some of these resources were written or recorded for specific groups such as students at intermediate or advanced levels of practice. Not all Yoga instruction is appropriate for everyone and the yoga techniques describe or led in these resources may result in injury. Any user or practitioner of these exercises assumes all responsibility including the risk of injury from performing these exercises.

**To reduce risk of injury, consult your doctor before practicing these techniques. The instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Radiant Well-being Yoga Center, Yoganand Michael Carroll and the Directors or Pranakriya Yoga Teacher Training programs cannot be held responsible for any liabilities or loss in connection with the exercises and advice herein.

Written Text

This is a 14th century text that is a foundation for Tantric Hatha Yoga. This is the translation I use in the Pranakriya 500 hour teacher training. I use it mostly because it is the translation Swami Kripalu based his commentary on.

There are many ancient versions of the HYP and this is one of the earlier ones. Until recent times copies were made by hand leaving room for errors. It appears that teachers sometimes changed the text, leaving out verses they did not understand or did not support, sometimes adding pieces they either made up or borrowed from other texts.

More modern versions have a list of ten yamas and ten niyamas not found in earlier copies. Verses describing the hatha yoga mudras vary from text to text and some more modern texts have extra chapters.

In preparing this text for commentary Swami Kripalu divided the verses into groups to elaborate on. I find his grouping an important key in understanding this text.

Swami Kripalu’s commentary “Revealing the Secret- a commentary on The Small Burning Lamp of Sun-Moon Yoga,” may be downloaded as a PDF from .

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

This article by Dean Hudson has been published in the Yoga Bulletin, the newsletter of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association. In it he outlines the relationship between pranayama and meditation as they are understood in the Kripalu and Pranakriya traditions.

Pranayama, Energy, and Meditation

This article by Yoganand Michael Carroll, was published in the Yoga Bulletin, newsletter of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association. In it Yoganand describes the approach to asana taught by Swami Kripalu. This article was written as an introduction to the program Asanas as Spiritual Doorways, one of the ten courses that make up the Pranakriya 500 Hour Advanced Level Yoga Teacher Training program.

Dissolving into freedom: Swami Kripalu’s energetic posture series

This article was originally published in the Yoga Bulletin, the newsletter of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association. In it Yoganand teaches about the Niyama called Tapas. He describes how Tapas has been practiced and understood in ancient times and how it may be used by modern practitioners in the spirit of the old traditions.

Tapas: The fire in your practice, by Yoganand Michael Carroll

An unpublished article by Yoganand Michael Carroll. This article was written in 2004 to address differences Yoganand saw between Kripalu Yoga and the teachings of Swami Kripalu. The ideas expressed in this article led Yoganand to leave Kripalu Yoga and develop Pranakriya Yoga.

The Power and Depth of Kripalu Yoga

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Resources

This is a lightly edited, live recording of the Posture Training Class from the Pranakriya 200 hour Basic YTT. Students in the program are led through this routine each morning of the training. This two-hour class includes the 5 pranayamas and 24 asanas taught in the YTT.

As their second to last test the teacher trainees lead the whole class.

This class is offered as a resource for students in the training and for anyone wanting to explore the Pranakriya alignment and leading style.

Posture Training Class (Full) with Yoganand Michael Carroll

Posture Training Sequence led by Jacci Grunginger
Posture Training Sequence A led by Jacci Gruninger
Posture Training Sequence B led by Jacci Gruninger
Posture Training Sequence B led by William Hufschmidt {1/17/2016}
Posture Training Sequence Full with William Hufschimdt {06/02/2013}


Recommended for experienced students who want a more athletic yoga experience. Classes consist of a variety of postures that strengthen and limber the body.

Yoga Workout with Jacci MSY 9-2015​
Yoga Workout Class led by Jacci Gruninger MP3 Recording
Yoga Workout Class led by Jacci Gruninger MP3 Recording {07/2013}

Yoga Workout Class led by William Hufschmidt March 2017

Yoga Workout Class led by William Hufschmidt May 2017


200 Hour YTT Pranayama Practice – A Review of the Basic Pranayamas

Led by William Hufschmidt: This is a 30 minute practice and review of the Five Basic Pranayamas that we teach in the 200 hour Pranakriya Teacher Training.  It was recorded during the first practice of the “Pranayama:  Theory and Teaching” program at Myoga in January 2014.

200 Hour YTT Pranayama recorded In Atlanta, 2016

Chair Yoga Practice led by Jacci (Gentle Yoga Program Atlanta, 2017)

Gentle Yoga led by Jacci (Yoga Simply Well, 2017)
Gentle Yoga led by Vladimir (Solstice, 2017)







Listen as Marybeth Cully discusses therapeutic yoga with Stephanie Gaines-Bryant on Sisters4fitness.

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