evelyne_portrait_2016 y4e_picStudio Name:  Yoga for Everybody

Owners Name(s): Evelyne Serais

When did your studio open? Yoga for Everybody originally opened in 2004.  Evelyne has owned the studio since 2010.

Why did you open your studio? I was a busy teacher in Fairfield County, Connecticut, traveling from Greenwich to Milford (this is a lot of ground to cover!) weekly to teach yoga and give Thai Massage.  At the time, I was also teaching at Yoga For Everybody and as I settled in, noticed I quite naturally felt connected to the studio. I truly saw what a special community we were all building; I realized I wanted to take Y4E to another level, touch more people, offer more diverse styles of yoga and workshops, share more, give more, support more, listen more, be more……my desire to bring to others the transformative healing power of Yoga always keeps me growing. I felt that classes alone were not enough, a community of supporting people and program would contribute to a deeper more sustainable experience on and off the mat. The rest, as they say, is history.

Does your studio have a mission or vision statement? Yes!  Our Mission: Contributing to the conscious awakening of community. To connect with our students at both the individual level and as a member of a larger group. We are here to support each of our students as they walk on their path toward becoming truly awake – forward, backwards, sideways – however their journey unfolds – we are here.

How many classes a week do you offer at your studio?  About 49 yoga classes  & 5 meditation offerings.

What types of classes do you offer?  Our yoga classes range from restorative to vigorous hatha and everywhere in between, kundalini, prenatal, and baby & me. We also offer a Qi Gong class each week, as well as about 5 meditation classes (yoga nidra, mindfulness, pranayama based, sound healing, and self-healing.).

Is there anything unique or special that your studio offers (promotions, good-will etc.) Yes! We have a vibrant work-exchange program, where individuals serve in various roles at the studio and in return earn yoga classes.  We also offer 30 days of unlimited yoga classes to students who are new to our studio, for only $30.  The spirit behind this promotion is to help individuals get into a yoga practice, to explore and see what works for them.  In addition, we often partner with various organizations within the community (and beyond) for fundraising initiatives.

Anything else you’d like our readers to know about your studio? We feel so blessed to have Yoga for Everybody.  Often students say as soon as they walk through the door, they feel the good vibe of the space.  It brings us joy to see our students come together in community, as they often do.  This is a place where you can truly embrace your practice and feel supported throughout your own journey, however you are showing up and your area of interest.  We have a diverse offering of workshops and trainings so that students looking to explore and learn (beyond the yoga class setting) can easily do so.

We ‘d love to meet more Pranakriya teachers!  Come visit us for a class, a workshop, or training module! And please come into the office to say hello. Jai!

Do you have a “guest housing” program for teachers who might like to attend a training at your studio?  We are happy to address this on a case by case basis, and absolutely suggest anyone interested in guest housing reach out to us directly at info@yoga4everybody.net

Address:  27 Unquowa Road (pronounced unk-ooh-wah), Fairfield, CT 06824