Owner’s Name:  Jennifer Nadeu

When did Jai open? June 2003

Why did you open your studio?  After years of seva folding blankets and washing mats in trade for yoga classes in NYC, the opportunity to open my own studio in Maine came much sooner than I had anticipated.  I was teaching at a wellness center temporarily, when they announced they were going bankrupt and closing their doors.  I continued to teach as many classes as I could at the center for two more weeks, knowing I wouldn’t be paid.  During this time, I developed a following and moved my classes to gyms, church basements and back offices.  Some weeks later, I met a woman with a beautiful space who invited me to share it with her.  I moved all my classes there.  (This is the space Jai Yoga occupies to this day!)  Three months before I was due to move back to Brooklyn, NY, the woman I was sharing space with announced she was letting go of the lease, and asked if I wanted to take it over.  After some deep dirgha breathing and much soul searching, I took a leap and said yes.  I stayed in Maine, creating Jai Yoga, drawing on my years of working for free in other studios, putting my hear and a LOT of hours into it.  I wanted to offer yoga to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  It was important to offer a yoga that would meet people where they were.  I think we are very successful in that.

Does your studio have a mission or vision statement?  To bring aliveness and freedom to all of us. To all people and to the whole of each person. We believe that yoga is good for all people. It is good for real people with real lives. We believe that yoga is good for all of a person: the body, the mind and the soul. When real people experience aliveness and freedom in their whole selves through yoga practice at Jai, our entire community benefits.  Jai Yoga is good for all of us.

How many classes a week do you offer at your studio?  23 weekly classes, 3 courses and 3-4 monthly workshops.  We also serve several corporate (LLBean and Wayfair among them) and private clients.

What types of classes do you offer?  Basics, Gentle, Moderate, Vinyasa, Meditative Flow, Yin, Prenatal, Postnatal, Baby-n-Me, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and soon to come – Meditation!

Is there anything unique or special that your studio offers (promotions, good-will etc.)?  We have a scholarship program that helps fund folks to take classes even when finances are tight.  One fund is just for our perinatal classes, which was started and continues to be funded by the good hearts of mams who have taken our classes and wish to pay it forward, feeling that more women taking part in yoga during pregnancy and postpartum is good for all of us.  Each January we run Jacci’s infamous 7 days for $7 program as a thank you to current students and a bright hello to new students.  The effects on our whole community is fantastic.

Anything else you’d like our teachers to know about your studio?  We are located in a beautiful renovated textile mill on the Androscoggin River.  Our studios offer 16″ tall ceilings and large windows.  There are great restaurants accessible via a short walk through sweet downtown Brunswick.  Our studio is one stop on a river walk loop that crosses the Androscoggin with a historic suspension foot bridge.

Do you have a “guest housing” program for teachers who might like to attend a training at your studio?  We have a list of area hotels all within walking distance and we can also help match folks with a local teacher to stay with for a no or low cost option.

Address:  14 Maine Street, Suite 314, Brunswick, ME  04011

2017 Programs:

Holding Space:  The Energy & Anatomy of Touch with WIlliam  – March 3-5, 2017

Teaching Restorative Yoga with Shelbi and Jacci – April 21-23, 2017

Deepening The Asana Experience:  Asanas for Meditative Posture 1 with Yognand – December 1-3, 2017