IMG_1360Studio Name:  Whole Body Yoga Studio

Owners Name(s): Patty Ferry

When did your studio open? October 2009

Why did you open your studio? I wanted to bring yoga to my community.  There was only one yoga studio nearby and yoga at the gyms and YMCA.  I started my teaching career at the YMCA, I got tired of dealing with the cold aerobic room, I just wanted to be in a space that is inviting, peaceful, and full of joy.

Does your studio have a mission or vision statement?

Our mission is to welcome, inspire and empower each and every person who walks through our doors.  We commit to lead our programs and classes from a place of truth and authenticity, with integrity and joy. We commit to continual expansion and growth and to being of service by contributing to our local community. We commit to empower and inspire people and communities on and off the mat, through physical practice, personal development, and the support of on another student and practitioner alike.  We commit to offering an inspirational experience that carries you off your mat and into your life.

How many classes a week do you offer at your studio?  We offer 25 classes a week

What types of classes do you offer?   We offer a wide variety of classes for all bodies! Gentle Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga Flow, Hatha. Restorative,  Vinyasa, Yin,  Ashtanga

Is there anything unique or special that your studio offers (promotions, good-will etc.)

We offer a New Student Intro Deal, $20 for 2 weeks as well as a 4 Week Beginner Yoga Series, Pranakriya style!

Next month we are very excited to have our first, Summer Yoga Jam, 4 special classes with live music, to celebrate summer.   We are also supporters of Open Space.  WWVA manages 20 miles of nature trails and creeks, annually we host a trail walk with yoga and we raise money for our Green Ribbon Team.

We are very excited to be a part of the Pranakriya School of Yoga, this is an honor and a privilege! This year we graduated 8 new teachers and 5 were students of mine, 3 started with me in Beginner 101 and these women are all amazing teachers.   We are looking forward to hosting the upcoming Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.  Visit our website:

Do you have a “guest housing” program for teachers who might like to attend a training at your studio?  Not yet, but check back as it is something we are working towards.

Address:   403 E. Walnut St., North Wales PA 19454