Studio Name: The Yoga Center

Owners Name(s): Cindy O’Brien

When did your studio open?  I purchased the studio in October 2013

Why did you open your studio? The studio was owned by Yoganand & Amy and they were going to close it.  I was offered the opportunity to buy it and keep it open.  So grateful I did!

Does your studio have a mission or vision statement?

                          The mission of the Yoga Center is to make yoga available to every body, regardless of age, weight, shape, challenges, or experience.

How many classes a week do you offer at your studio?  24

What types of classes do you offer?

                            Restorative, Yin, Gentle Yoga, Moderate/Meditative Yoga, Yoga Workout, Hot Yoga Workout, Compassionate Flow, Pilates

Is there anything unique or special that your studio offers (promotions, good-will etc.)

                     We are offering free Saturday classes outdoors on the banks of the Augusta Canal in a partnership with the Augusta Canal Authority.  We also offer donation based workshops, such                        as ‘Shake Your Soul’ with proceeds supporting either the Shelter for Abused Children, or others in need.

Anything else you’d like our teachers to know about your studio?

                             Our studio was founded by Yoganand & Amy Carroll and is the birthplace of Pranakriya yoga.  We are honored and grateful to continue to support Pranakriya yoga and the                                          gracious work they began.

Do you have a “guest housing” program for teachers who might like to attend a training at your studio?

                         Yes, we have multiple options available for out-of-town workshop participants.

To Contact The Yoga Center go to or call 813-613-0684