Book Recommendations from Devadas

The Yoga Tradition, by Georg Feurstein – A must-have classic collection of yoga history, philosophy and practice in a mostly chronological rendering from the beginning to the end.  Condensed translations of many yogic texts incorporated into the narrative discussion provides a real feel for the particular subject.  If you want to know where and how your particular yoga practice fits into a larger context of “big yoga,” this is the book to begin with.

Yoga: The Art of Transformation, edited by Debra Diamond, the curated catalog for the 2013 exhibition at the Freer Gallery of Art of the Smithsonian Institution.  A stunning art collection bringing yoga history, philosophy and practice to life, with excellent scholarly narratives to give a deeply grained context for the long history of yoga.

Any collection of teaching stories of Swami Kripalu – several are in publication now by John Mundahl and, of course, the original collection by Atma Jo Ann Levitt.

Pilgrim of Love

Sunrise of Joy

The Journey Home

Sayings of Swami Kripalu

From the Heart of the Lotus

Letters from Swami Kripalu

The Swami Kripalu Reader

Asana and Mudra, by Swami Kripalu – his magnum opus work on yoga providing a look at his own practices and teachings about a deep practice of yoga.