Hands On Techniques for Yoga Teachers

This program will guide teachers to improve their ability for effective and efficient hands-on yoga teaching.
To accomplish playing piano masterpieces, or molding clay into sculpture requires much practice and instruction, some experimentation and innovation, and patience to see clearly the growth that results from the efforts invested. Cultivating the use of our hands as communication tools and sense organs requires the same: time, instruction, innovation, patience, and practice. This 300 Hour Program Track intends to give students additional skills and confidence to safely, effectively and compassionately assist their students in yoga class, as well as offer more tools and techniques to be used during private sessions.

Hands-on Skills students will develop a confident, informed touch to help move and support a body by learning new skills for giving hands-on teaching and by learning the primary techniques of Nuad Boran, which has its roots in the diverse practices of Tantric Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Buddhism, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.  Nuad Boran helps develop hand and body dexterity, while cultivating sensitivity to be present, observant and responsive to the recipient.  This track also includes training to understand the role fascia plays to create and inhibit movement as well as an introduction to assessing which muscles on the body are working well, and which ones need more support.