It’s monsoon season in Santa Fe – an eagerly anticipated time of the year that brings rejuvenation and fresh energy to the high desert landscape.  Take a look at the photograph again. At 6:15 am last week there was one lone rainshower in the area, and the not-quite-above-the-horizon sun was illuminating the moisture in spectacular fashion.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could harness that light, that energy?!

Well, in a sense, we can.  Each of us has this light within that can illuminate and energize us.  I know this is how Pranakriya’s Board of Directors are feeling, and we are working hard to create a strong foundation for the future of the school.  To that effect, we have hired Lee Furey of Atlanta, GA, as the school’s new (part-time) Administrative Assistant. Lee will be handling phone calls and emails, fulfilling orders from the PK online store, and performing a myriad of other tasks to keep the school running smoothly.  Chrissy Gruninger continues as our Marketing Specialist, working with  the PK Teachers Association and social media with the goal of creating a buzz about and wider recognition of Pranakriya Yoga and what makes it so special.

The Board will be having our annual in-person meeting in a couple of months. We will be finalizing our plans to create more committees to spread out the work required to not only keep the school humming along but to enhance the school’s presence and reputation in the yoga teacher training realm.  Let us know by September 15 what’s on your mind or if there are any issues that you believe we as a school should address. Email us here!

In the meantime, will you join the Board of Directors in drawing upon your inner energy and light and renewing your commitment to Pranakriya?  When you teach a class, introduce yourself as a Pranakriya teacher. Speak to others about the school and the training you’ve received and why you are drawn to this practice.  Help us grow the school by encouraging others to enroll in an immersion, a 300-hour training, the 200-hour YTT. Consider volunteering for committee work in one of these areas:  membership, fundraising, financial, and curriculum. Email us to let us know how you’d like to support our school.

By drawing upon the energy and light within each and every one of us Pranakriya practitioners, we can achieve amazing growth and strength!

Jai bhagwan,

Jodie Padgett