109 years ago today, Saraswatichandra (called Narayan) who would later become known as Swami Kripalvanandji, Swami Kripalu, and Bapuji, was born into a Brahmin family. Swami Kripalu is considered to be one of a handful of Indian saints who lived during the 20th century. Being in his presence was a privileged opportunity for those who had the fortune to have this experience. In our tradition, we are equally privileged to continue being exposed to his teachings and profound revelations.

If you have taken courses with Pranakriya, you have learned something about the Lakulish lineage of which Swami Kripalu is a part. You may have learned about some of the deep teachings of Swami Kripalu from Yoganand, or perhaps you have read about Swami Kripalu’s teachings and techniques on your own. Even though we may not have the ability to be in his physical presence here and now, with the education and experiences we have through Pranakriya, Swami Kripalu and the lineage guide us as yoga teachers, practitioners, and souls in human bodies to this day.

There is not much we can say about Swami Kripalu in this moment that has not been said or written. So, instead, we would invite you, members of the Pranakriya community, to consider and share how this lineage shows up for you.

  • Of Swami Kripalu’s teachings, what most resonates with you as a yoga teacher and practitioner?
  • How does being part of this lineage and tradition guide you in everyday life on and off the mat?
  • And, what to do you want to learn more about, in order to feel more a part of this lineage, tradition, or community?

To share your perspectives, please reply to this blog or email info@pranakriya.com (indicate if we can use your name or you prefer to remain anonymous), and our community’s thoughts and feelings about our place in the lineage and tradition will appear now and then throughout the year. If you feel strongly and enjoy writing, please consider offering a blog post on this or a related topic. And, if you are on social media, in place of replying to this email, please feel free to comment on the questions above today, in honor of Swami Kripalu’s birthday, and tag Pranakriya (#pranakriya @pranakriya) in your post.

As we honor Swami Kripalu’s appearance on earth in human form 109 years ago today, so too do we honor each of the members of our community with whom we share lineage and tradition.

Jai Bhagwan!