I didn’t join a Yoga Teacher Traning (YTT) to own a studio. 


In fact, I didn’t join YTT to make yoga my career. I came to yoga much like many good things that have come into my world… I moved with the energy as it presented itself.


In 2012, I had actively begun a project I previously only dabbled in: I had a food blog. There was nothing really exceptional about my blog or my cooking abilities, but I had a background that was a little different. I grew up on a self-sustainable farm. We grew/raised our food, chopped the wood to heat the house and daily life was very much about what the weather was doing and what was in the garden at the time. I picked red raspberries to pay for registration fees for school. The annual garage sale paid for extracurricular activities.


In 2012, this upbringing was a big part of my life again.


I was going out to the farm to learn from an adult perspective, and also to write about it. In addition, I went out to the farm to pick my groceries because I didn’t make a lot of money.


In 2013, my writing was starting to gain ground. I was working with a wine company on pairings, an online magazine hired me to review restaurants and a small print magazine was giving me bigger writing assignments. I was starting to make money and it was fun!


I had also started doing a little bit of work for my local yoga studio in exchange for classes. I was excited to begin practicing at a studio again and the owner, Deb, was very encouraging. Over a short time, we began talking about me becoming a yoga teacher. It was something I hadn’t really thought about, but as I was thinking about it, I was starting to see my life begin to take shape. Yoga would be a wonderful compliment to the writing. It would keep me connected to myself and my community.


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My partner and I discussed it multiple times. I had a full-time job, but it was entry-level work. Nothing that I thought I would stick with. So when Deb suggested I take the next available training (Prenatal), I was in a pickle. It was a 5-day training and I didn’t have any vacation time left from work. Also, work wasn’t willing to let me have the days off.


Through much dialogue with my partner, we collectively decided that I could quit the job and see what this yoga/writing thing could become.


February 6th, 2014 was my last day working for a major cooperation. There was cake. 


February 7th, 2014, I walked into Main Street Yoga to take Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Jacci. I had never taught a yoga class before. I didn’t know until later the reservations about me taking this particular training as my first. Now I totally understand why, I had zero training and this program was specifically geared to 200hr certified teachers. I was so new, I didn’t even understand what all of that meant! On the first day, we began with introductions and when it was my turn to speak, I explained that I quit my job to pursue writing and teaching yoga. To my surprise, everyone cheered. I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.


I remember the prenatal training vividly. I remember how amazing it was (is), I remember everyone who was a part of it. I remember my back aching from wearing the bellies and the energy of everyone there. More than anything, I remember how patient everyone was with me. And I still remember being SO nervous to teach (for the first time ever) to Lexy. At one point, she gave me the best advice that I still give to new teachers, ‘if you get lost, just have your student close their eyes and place their hands on their belly to connect with their breath or put them in child pose and find your place. They will have no idea and it will give you a moment to collect yourself.’ Thank you, Lexy! I still do that sometimes!


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Because MSY didn’t have a YTT beginning until the following year, I took the first level of YogaFit® over the summer so I could start teaching classes. A month later, Deb started talking to me about buying the studio. I was thinking maybe 5 years down the road… she was thinking 6 months.


I bought Main Street Yoga 6 months later (January 15th, 2015) – one month before beginning my 200hr YTT with Pranakriya. Jacci was my teacher once again.


During my 200hr I continued to take any advanced programs that came through. I did Universe 4 months into YTT, Musculoskeletal 6 months in… and even after graduation, I just kept going. Over time, I started to figure out something and coined an analogy to articulate how I felt about yoga and why I’ve felt connected to it since I stepped foot into my first class in 2005.


Yoga is like food. It’s vast and never-ending.


There is always more to learn about it, and sometimes, something I didn’t like, when tried again later, facilitates a different experience. 


It can be complicated and messy, it can be simple and clean. 


There are “go-to’s” and “not-for-me’s.”


Sometimes it can sound really delicious and be bland; sometimes it can seem plain, but is more flavorful than expected! 


The most simple ingredient can be made complex and interesting. 


It is best when it’s shared. 


For all of these reasons, whether it be yoga or food, the best way to move forward is to continue to sample and grow. And while I might never get to experience it all, I sure can try! 


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