Time finds us moving into February 2019 and I’m still unsure how it happened so quickly. I’ve heard many people say that January felt longer than 31 days. I feel like I blinked and it’s February. How is it possible that we’ve already entered a new month in 2019? Regardless of the fast or slow passing of January, February is upon us and time continues to pass by.

February 1st marked the Gaelic festival of Imbolc, or Saint Brigid’s Day, which celebrates the mid point between winter and spring. February 2nd marked Groundhog’s Day and the little guy didn’t see his shadow so an early Spring is expected in the US. Only Mother Nature knows if this will actually happen or not. In Huntsville, Alabama, we literally have all four seasons in one week! For any of you living in the South, you know this to be true.

So many of us spend our time wishing for something different.  We wish for winter to pass by quickly so we can get to spring. In the South, we hope for a real spring instead of moving directly into a hot summer. When summer hits, we wish it were fall with cooler temps and football. Always wishing, always rushing ahead instead of enjoying the timing of Mother Nature.

Instead of wishing winter to leave early, take time to be present with the current season and the season of life you are in today. I realize this is easier said than done for the readers who are covered in snow and extreme cold weather! Many of you may be frustrated that January passed and the resolutions have gone out the window. A new year heralds a chance to start over and begin again. Many of us don’t see each day as a fresh start, but it is. Today is a new day and you have 24 hours to start again and again and again.

Take time to be fully present in this season. Time will pass by all the same and spring is just around the corner. The joy of living fully is in finding contentment in the present moment. Be here now and enjoy it fully!

Jai Bhagwan,