Before we begin…


Yoganand Michael Carroll offers you a Meditative Postures Class to build strength and stability during this troubled time & connect with the non-doing source deep inside you. Yoganand draws upon an image from the Rig Veda to illustrate this source.


Two birds with fair wings, knit with the bonds of friendship, in the same sheltering tree have found a refuge.

One of the two eats the sweet fig tree’s fruit; the other eating not watches only.

Rig Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 164, v. 20

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For this practice, Yoganand recommends having a strap & tissues. Please feel free to use any other props that support your practice.


Thank you for receiving.



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Disclaimer: Not all yoga exercise is suitable for everyone. To reduce the risk of injury, consult your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program. The instruction contained within is in no way intended to be a substitute for medical counseling. Yoganand Micheal Carroll and the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts disclaim any liability for loss in connection with the exercises and instruction provided in this digital class. By practicing with this product, you agree to assume all risks.