This year we invited PK teachers to share thoughts, stories and articles with us.  As a way of introduction, we asked each writer to share their answers to the following questions:

  • what brought you to the mat as a student and teacher?
  • what inspires you to keep teaching?
  • what is your favorite pose and why?
  • what pose is currently challenging you and how are you working with it?
  • do you work with any special populations/volunteer/donate time etc. with your yoga


Meet Guest Writer Amy Necci

what brought you to the mat as a student and then as a teacher?  I started my yoga journey when a friend and fellow high school teacher invited me to take Kripalu yoga classes after school with a group of colleagues.  I had always been curious about yoga.  I enjoyed it so much that whenever I could, I would attend yoga classes both there and elsewhere.  A short time later, I became interested in the parts of yoga beyond asana practice. Over the years, yoga has become more and more important to me and has helped me in so many ways in my life.  I have certainly grown, especially in mindset, through my yoga practice both on and off the mat.  

As a yoga teacher, my own practice has become a priority for me in my life.  My practice, whether it’s in a group class, at home by myself, or even my morning meditation and pranayama practice helps me to feel balanced, alive, and complete. It’s important to me not only because of this, but also because I strongly believe that I owe it to my students to continue to learn and experience yoga so that I can bring my best to them when they come to my classes.  

what inspires you to keep teaching? My students and my love of the practice inspire me to keep teaching.  Each time I’m teaching a class I get such a strong feeling of gratitude that I’m able to share yoga with others.  When I look out at my students as we conclude class together, my heart always feels so full of joy that sharing the gift of yoga in this way is a reality in my life.

what is your favorite pose and why? My favorite pose is Parshva Virabhadrasana because I feel steady, strong, and confident when I’m in it.  There is also something about the symbolism of the pose that always sticks with me – reaching both forward and back, remembering what lies behind me and ahead, while staying rooted and grounded at center and in the present moment.

what pose is currently challenging you and how are you working with it?  A challenging pose for me is Ardha Sarvangasana.  I work with it by choosing to practice it at the end of classes when an instructor gives time for final poses to close practice. I do this to make sure that I’m not pushing it away because it challenges me.  I also recently got some pictures of myself in the pose, and when I can, I ask other teachers for feedback about what they see when I do the pose so that I know where to put my focus as I continue my work with it.  

do you work with any special populations/volunteer/donate time etc. – share with us your story.  As an educator myself, I believe that it is extremely important for teachers to take time out for themselves to re-charge and relax.  I offer classes to my colleagues after school in my classroom so that it is convenient and accessible for them to practice.  I also feel that kids and teens today can benefit from learning yoga and mindfulness, and I love teaching and relating these practices to them after school through the community Parks & Recreation Program and also at local yoga studios.