This month’s featured board member is Emily Gretz!

Hobbies/Past times: reading, yoga, movies, concerts

Food: Ethnic Flavors

Favorite People: My husband and daughters

Favorite Quote: “Move in the direction of the truth as you believe it to be.” (unknown)

Favorite Travel Destination: Outer Banks, NC

Reading Now: The Body Keeps the Score

Practice Music: Anything by Deuter, Bamboo Flute Meditation (Foust)

Goals/Plans I’m Excited About:  I’ve begun to work with H.S. Sports Teams and Individual athletes on incorporating the tools of yoga into their workout regimen.  The Fall season of yoga has been well received and I look forward to continuing the work through the school year.

Hopes for Pranakriya: I’m excited about how Pranakriya has grown in just one year and I look forward to the development of the teacher’s association and all that comes with such an organization.  As a studio owner and teacher, I am grateful for the work that is being done to communicate Yoganand’s work and Swami Kripalu’s teachings.