It started with a maybe…maybe I will teach yoga after YTT.  To be honest, I wasn’t certain if I would teach after my training.  My original intent was a deeper dive for my personal practice, an exploration of my love of yoga to learn more about myself. It seems the Universe had different plans in store for me.

I didn’t see the correlation between my college adjunct teaching role and studying to ‘maybe’ become a yoga teacher. Of course, my first practice teach in yoga was nerve-racking, even for one who is accustomed to being in front of a classroom of young college students. However, my love of teaching was more powerful than my nerves, and here I am nine months after YTT teaching nine weekly classes and leading workshops.  Did I envision this for myself when I started? Absolutely not! My ‘maybe’ changed greatly when I realized that I could share my love of yoga with others, and encourage them to explore what yoga feels like in their body.

As I approach the almost one-year anniversary of my certification, I have learned that first and foremost I am a student before I am a teacher.  It’s true. I am soaking up as much information as I can with additional trainings while also working to develop new flows for my students. I can hear William Hufschmidt, my YTT director, telling my peers and me that we will find our voice in our first year of teaching.  He was absolutely right. However, I believe that my teaching voice will continue to evolve and grow as I learn more about myself as both a student and a teacher. I hope to spend a lifetime refining my voice as a teacher.

Do I have it all figured out as a new teacher?  Not in the slightest! I am a work in progress, stumbling along trying to figure it all out.  Some days I stumble over my language in class, and other days I leave feeling like that was the best class yet.  It’s a balance and it changes daily, just like my practice. I am currently learning about online marketing and how to develop my personal brand, which doesn’t exist yet but is in process.  I don’t have social media accounts yet, nor am I certain what those will look like, but imagine I will need them soon. Do I have ideas about where I see this new profession leading me? Yes.  I have thoughts and ideas in a notebook that I add to or delete as inspiration hits. Always evolving, always changing and shifting as is required. I guess what I’m trying to say is that for anyone who is new to yoga as your chosen profession, you don’t need to have it all figured out at the start.   As our daily practice reminds us, start where you are with what you have, the rest will sort itself out with time.