Some of my favorite things that I see on social media are posts that contain images with quotes, words of wisdom, or something inspiring.  My phone is full of these images that I find and save because I want to come back to them. A while back, I saw an image that I not only saved, but also shared with some of my own rhyming lines that sounded like the start of a poem.

The words on this image struck me, and I kept coming back to them. Eventually, I did continue the lines I started. The image that I saw that day is here, followed by the poem it inspired me to write.

Victoria’s Art Visions

Fast approaching my truth and feeling fine,
All the time I’m drawing new lines.
Breathing and feeling on this journey I embark.
My inner light shining, pushing past the dark
Of the mask for those years that I hid behind;
Focused on outside perceptions rather than mine.
A new day has come, a new mantra shines through:
Be real, be true, be bold, be YOU!


amy necci, kids yoga teacherHello and thanks for reading! I’m Amy, and like you, I am both a teacher and a student every day.  I am grateful to teach a variety of subjects, including yoga, mindfulness, essential oils, and Spanish. I am a Pennsylvania native and have been practicing using all of these empowering tools for many years. I’m a constant seeker of balance in my own life and enjoy nothing more than weaving all of these passions together and sharing them via classes, workshops, writing, and more to serve others as they bring balance to their lives, too. I also love infusing these gifts into my work as a public school educator. I would love to share more with you – connect with me at