Pranayama: The Kripalu Approach to Yogic Breathing


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The guided experience on this CD is designed for intermediate level yoga students. As an experienced student we assume you have some familiarity with the basic pranayamas: ujjayi (ocean sounding breath), dirgha (3-part breath) and kapalabhati.Instruction in these breathing exercises is included in written form. You may wish to read it to refresh your memory, or to look for differences between the Kripalu/Pranakriya approach and any other style of yoga where you may have learned them. The CD contains an instructional track teaching bhastrika pranayama. Instruction in parvatasana pranayama (seated mountain breath) is integrated into the guided experience.

Tracks 1-8 lead you in a 43 minute pranayama experience suitable for daily practice. Each pranayama is on a separate track, and you may skip tracks to create a shorter practice session. The CD ends with a 22 minute guided yoga posture flow experience emphasizing yogic breathing.