Pranayama: The Pranakriya Approach to Yogic Breathing


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Welcome to the practice of Pranayama as taught in the Pranakriya tradition.

“In this two-disc course I guide the new student into a pro- found inner exploration. This will begin the journey of deep healing and spiritual unfolding that was the original purpose of pranayama as taught in the ancient yoga traditions.”

-Yoganand Michael Carroll

Disc one is instructional. It provides simple, easy-to-follow guidance in the basic techniques of pranayama: how to sit for maximum comfort, Dirgha, Ujjayi and Kapalabhati breathing. The techniques are thoroughly taught, followed by steps to deepen your practice after you have mastered the basics. This disc ends with the mystical doorway into yoga meditation called Anuloma Viloma pranayama.

Disc two is a led pranayama experience that can be divided to create a meditative soothing practice after work, an energizing practice to begin a new day, or a deep meditative experience that is a complete pranayama practice. Use this CD to set the mood for a profound posture flow or a deep, seated meditation. The complete CD is a 48-minute pranayama experience with each pranayama on a separate track so you can start with a short practice and grow at your own pace into one that is longer or deeper, or adapt your pranayama practice to match the pace of an active life. Includes an original background composition by Mark Kelso.