Relax Deeply: Reduce Stress to Promote Wellness, Vitality and Creativity


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The two guided relaxation sequences on this recording are inspired by the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, which means yogic sleep. Simply lie back and listen while you are guided to a place of profound physical and mental rest. As tension melts away, the body regains its natural state of wellness: the mind enters the pre-dream state between sleep and consciousness. Here you gain access to the fertile ground of your own subconscious. Through regular practice of Yoga Nidra you can indeed unlock and harness your creative potential. This CD contains two guided relaxations. The first is fifteen minutes long and the second lasts 45 minutes. Musical background by Cleveland Wehle.

Steve is a long time yoga practitioner, registered yoga teacher and head Aikido instructor at Northern Virginia Ki Aikido. Visit Steve on the web at