Sleep & Breathe Deeply


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This audio CD contains two experiences. The first is a deeply relaxing, twenty minute guided breath meditation to use anytime during the day. The fifty minute second track harnesses the power of traditional Yoga Nidra meditation to help you find the profound level of relaxation necessary for quality sleep.Experience #1: Sitting With The Breath – The oldest form of meditation is almost certainly the act of observing the breath. Focused breath awareness endures as an invaluable tool for releasing tension and strengthening the union of mind and body. “Sitting With The Breath” is designed to first relax, and then open the body to a deeper, more natural breathing pattern. With even a few minutes of daily practice, you’ll become skilled at recognizing and responding to your body’s inner cues. This will empower you to change the way you react to stress. The proven benefits of regular meditation practice also include enhanced alertness; better sleep patterns, and improved overall health.

Experience #2: Yoga Nidra for Deep Sleep – There has been extensive research on the effects of sleeplessness, but we don’t need scientists to tell us the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Yet, when it’s time for bed, it can be a challenge to turn off the accumulated stress of the day. Even when we do manage to sleep, stress often prevents us from getting high quality sleep. The ancient technique of Yoga Nidra has recently emerged as a powerful tool for addressing this modern day affliction. On this recording, a backdrop of soothing music and natural sounds combine with specially adapted yoga nidra techniques to guide you toward a deep and satisfying sleep. Play this track anytime you feel the need for a deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra style practice, but don’t forget to set the alarm.