Emily Gretz ¦ MEd, E-RYT 500, YACEP, RCYT

Emily brings a career in education and an entrepreneurial spirit to her role as yoga teacher. For over ten years Emily has been sharing her love of yoga with children and adults. Equally skilled at leading adults and children in yoga practice, Emily is passionate about yoga’s benefits and is eager to share them with people of all ages and skills levels.

Having raised two girls, Emily believes introducing yoga to children can help provide them with tools for coping with life’s stresses. At a very young age, children can learn to use their breath to calm their body and mind while learning how to develop muscles and balance through physical postures. Emily has collaborated with Steve Wolf on Yoga Nidra for Children of all Ages, a CD compilation of engaging yoga nidra-based stories designed to help children deeply relax their mind and body.

She is Director of PK Kids and Co-director of the Musculoskeletal Assessment Program for PKSYHA, holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Loyola University Maryland and is an active member of her local community.

Contact Emily at noregretzyoga@gmail.com