Jennifer Prat, RYT-200

Jennifer Prat merges a decade-long career in nonprofit marketing with her love for yoga. Trained as a 200-hour yoga teacher and prenatal yoga teacher through PKSYHA, it is Jen’s deep appreciation for the tradition, compassion, and professionalism of Pranakriya that brings her to the team.


Jen began practicing yoga over twenty years ago. Through her practice she discovered (as many have) how a mindful approach can cultivate an internal experience that connects one to the self, while also building physical, mental, and emotional flexibility. When teaching, she focuses on helping students meet themselves as they are while nurturing strength and flexibility on and off the mat.


In addition to her career in nonprofit marketing, Jen is an artist and photographer whose work can be seen regionally in both campaigns and galleries. Jen’s creative work focuses on the environment and sustainability, themes that extend to her hobbies: skiing, hiking, knitting, cooking, painting, gardening, sailing, and (of course) yoga. Jen lives in Connecticut with her husband, two small daughters, and coonhound named Henry. If you can’t find her there, look to the mountains or the sea.