Laurie Wallace ¦ 

Laurie has more than 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector working to bring significant philanthropic support to the community in the areas of higher education, healthcare, hospice and global missions. She has a proven track record of establishing and executing results driven programs that accomplish outreach, education, advocacy and philanthropic support; and has planned and executed several multi-million-dollar campaigns.

Laurie has a BA in Communications (UMD) and a MS in Non-Profit Management (Eastern University). She is a national presenter on a broad range of fundraising topics as well as a community presenter and educator.

Laurie spends her personal time helping others through mission and nonprofit service. She no matter who you are or what your circumstances are, you have something to offer another human being. Laurie enjoys being around friends and family. She likes to travel to favorite spots or discover new ones. She strives for harmony at work, at play and in relationship and believes life should be an enjoyable experience with the ones you hold the closest. Favorite activities include waterskiing, snorkeling, tennis,
hiking, camping, boating kayaking, biking, working out, yoga – just about anything outside. Laurie lives in Carroll County Maryland. She has three grown children and recently welcomed her first granddaughter, Avery, to the family.