Lee Furey

Lee Furey has been doing yoga since age 17 but became more serious about her practice in 2003, when her twin daughters graduated from high school and moved out. A college English and Humanities teacher and specialist in archival research/hidden histories, she had been in the habit of visiting yoga studios wherever she happened to be traveling across the U.S. for research. Perhaps that is where her nomadic yogi pattern began. Asthma attacks prompted her to begin learning more about pranayama, and around that same time she began to practice more consistently at Jai Shanti Yoga. In December 2013 she somehow wound up in a Pranakriya yoga teacher training class there, and then she began to try to find more classes like that one.
Along the way she also began practicing Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and studying mantra chanting. She completed Pranakriya’s 200-hour teacher training at Evolation with William Hufschmidt (assisted by Vladimir Tchakarov and Chris Mastin) in April 2016, and she began teaching the early morning “wake up” and “stretch” classes at her old studio, now called Candler Park Yoga, where she still substitutes when needed. Very quickly she also began to travel around town, teaching yoga before sound healing events at the Hare Krishna Temple and, for a few months, in a converted storefront in downtown Atlanta for an arts collective.
Lee is continuing her yoga education in the Pranakriya 300-hour program, occasionally wandering off to take non-certification workshops and trainings related to her interests. Now she primarily teaches private classes, mixed into a schedule of part time college teaching, gardening, and elder care that keeps her moving around the Atlanta metro area.