Lilliana Montero

Lilliana finds her yoga practice helps to navigate the challenges and opportunities of life’s journey.  She comes to Pranakriya with a 30 year practice, a background in social change, education and business development and now, loves teaching as a Kripalu yoga teacher with over 1500 hours of teaching since 2017.  With a BA in Anthropology (Macalester College) and a Masters Degree in Cross-Cultural Communications (University of Oklahoma) much of her studies, research, and work has focused in education from a few angles including: Professional Development, Directing a Non-Profit TV Channel/Foundation, and regional management in sales & business development in technology and E-Learning. She’s grateful to have worked with many noteworthy field leaders who have encouraged her.  “Above all, I am grateful for the educators, teachers, friends and family who take time to share themselves and pass on legacies.”
When not teaching yoga, preparing classes, or working on an interesting project, you’ll find her kayaking and hiking in the woods where she’s inspired by nature.  She likes expressing via Haiku and enjoys arts & crafts.  “I love learning about people, the human body and natural spirit, humanity and especially finding humor and laughing a lot!”