Lily Gretz

Lily Gretz is a junior at Loyola University Maryland who has been a part of the Pranakriya organization as an intern for the past three years. She is pursuing a dual-degree in Global Studies and Writing and was chosen as the department’s research fellow . At about age 10, Lily began composing countless songs, short stories, and even plays (with some help from her younger sister), and she continues to explore writing platforms today. 

Even before Lily was writing, she was practicing yoga. She had her first yoga experience at four years old, sixteen years ago, and has continued to participate since then through the influence of her yoga-teacher mom. Recently she trained in the first ever PK Little Kids Program.  She is grateful for this constant in her life, which has helped her remain balanced throughout her transformation into adulthood. 

Lily is excited to combine these two interests as a writing and editing intern for Pranakriya.