Pause Shiver


After years of taking yoga classes in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New Orleans, Pause began her formal yoga training in 2018 at The Yoga Center in North Augusta, SC.  She completed her Pranakriya 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Center in 2020 under the instruction of Vladimir Tchakarov and will complete her 300-hour Certificate in October of 2021.

In addition to yoga, Pause has studied Earth and Planetary Sciences and Planetary Geology at Johns Hopkins University and Tulane University, respectively.  She has led a varied life as an actor in musical theater productions, and a fire performer and hulahoop dancer in NYC, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Augusta, GA.  Pause has chosen to become a yoga instructor to share the deep sense of wellbeing, purpose, and clarity that she has experienced through her personal yoga practice.