Vladimir Tchakarov ¦ E-RYT 500

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Vladimir was introduced to yoga as a child by his mother who was a practitioner. Growing up he studied martial arts and began teaching classes in his father’s dojo at age 12. In adolescence he was introduced to chi gong, meditation and eastern philosophy by his father who practiced daily.

A few years after Vladimir emigrated to the United States his father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away six months later. Seeking healing and following his father’s final wish, to grow spiritually, Vladimir began practicing yoga at a nearby studio. There he met his teachers William Hufschmidt and Yoganand Michael Carrol.

Soon Vladimir was practicing yoga and meditating daily for up to 8 hours. Over the last 10 years he has completed his 500 hour certification with Pranakriya and has continued his daily practice without fail, enjoying the profound insight and vitality generated by it. His teaching style emphasis a slower paced practice with longer held postures, internal focus on breath, sensations and emotions, and a deep understanding of yoga philosophy. Currently Vladimir teaches yoga full time in Atlanta GA, and around the country as a Pranakriya director.

Contact Vladimir at vtchakarov@gmail.com