This month we are looking at a question posed to Swami Kriplau about practical ways to control desire.

Question to Swami Kripalu: What are some practical ways to control desires?

Answer:  Self observation is the key.  This is the sum total of the entire spiritual path.  But we can’t just master this ability all at once.  We must learn it gradually with patience and self-forgiveness.  Eventually, it becomes self observation without judgement, the highest principle of spiritual development.  Just as camera film catches the movements of the body, self observation catches movements of the mind.

Next month, Swami Kripalu shares his thoughts on the significance of Bramacharya on our path.

All questions above by Swami Kripalu are from his discourses and informal talks. Edited versions are available in the A Sunrise of Joy: The Lost Darshans of Swami Kripalu, by John Mundhal.