This month we are looking at a question posed to Swami Kriplau about the idea of Brahmacharya – moderation.

Question to Swami Kripalu:  Explain the significance of bramacharya on our path.

Answer:  The great power attained through kundalini yoga can only be attained through bramacharya.  The practice becomes easier the more you understand its value.  Refined sexual fluid protects the nadis from the heat of kundalini.  It’s not possible to survive kundalini without preservation of sexual fluid.

Sex is normal and natural to life.  Yet, just as we need to urinate more often when we’ve had too much to drink, so also we desire more sex when we entertain sexual thoughts.  Sexual moderation maintains lightness in the body and mind.  After purification of the body, tremendous energy is generated on this path.  As it ascends, it must pass through the sex center where it creates sexual desire.  Here the seeker needs guidance from the guru or his progress stops.

The Divine Body can only manifest when the seeker has become urdhvareta, one whose sexual energy is completely transformed and rising upward. It’s a long, long journey.  One lifetime is not enough.  25 lifetimes are not enough.  But if you love sadhana, patience comes to you from the Lord, Himself, as a grace.  The subject of brahmacharya is profound.  The knowledge has been lost in this Kali Yuga.  In short, we can say that brahmacharya becomes easier the more you love it, the more you recognize its value.  You’re exchanging sexual pleasure for a higher pleasure.

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Next month we will discuss Swami Kripalu’s answer to women attaining the divine body.

All questions above by Swami Kripalu are from his discourses and informal talks. Edited versions are available in the A Sunrise of Joy: The Lost Darshans of Swami Kripalu, by John Mundhal.