setting boundaries in businessWhen it comes to your yoga business, one of the difficulties you may face (especially when you’re just starting out) is how to set boundaries with your students – both in group class settings as well as with private clients.

Many of us are inclined to say “YES”…


We want to give, we want to share what we’ve learned with anyone and everyone who will listen. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but when you overdo it and you don’t have set boundaries in place, you may find yourself being spread too thin and in too many directions.

My SEO teacher, Kate Toon, said it so well:

What seems like a simple one-off question to you, still takes 15 minutes out of my day to read, consider and reply to

Times that by the number of people who have taken the course and you’ll see my problem.

This month, let’s take a look at some signs of unhealthy boundaries as well as the importance of setting boundaries in your yoga business.

Signs you don’t have healthy boundaries

  • You are pulled in different directions and very overwhelmed with everything on your to-do list (and likely, life in general)
  • Your clients regularly call you outside your working hours, or they request work that’s beyond your capacity and abilities. (or worse, they request that you do things for free)
  • You use a lot of time fielding requests, and you don’t have enough time to work on your actual business.
  • You say yes to invitations and requests because it feels more comfortable to do them rather than saying no.
  • You feel resentful of others because they demand much of your time.
  • You feel tired, ragged, and exhausted and you never have time for yourself.

Why business boundaries are important

With firm boundaries, the following happens:

  • You are empowered and in charge of your business, your day and your life.
  • Boundaries create freedom; therefore, most of the time you get to do what you love rather than what you don’t have passion for.
  • With established guidelines, business relationships can actually be strengthened.
  • Boundaries make you know your priorities: you don’t feel guilty about rejecting anything that’s not compatible with them.
  • With boundaries, you confidently make decisions that are in the best interest for you and your yoga teaching business. Which often creates a positive ripple out to your clients.
  • Boundaries enable you to avoid entrepreneurial burnout because you always find time for yourself.
  • Setting boundaries in your yoga teacher business can also help with time management. You can devote more time to what really needs attention – what will serve you, your business and your clients best – while other less important tasks can be attended to lower on the priority list.

Firm business boundaries help yoga teacher entrepreneurs (like you!) to stay aligned with their vision, and they ensure entrepreneurs spend time on the most important business priorities so that the business will grow and thrive.

Next month, we’ll explore how to set those boundaries (in other words… how to say NO).

Your homework between now and then?

Be mindful in your daily interactions of how you are both setting boundaries with those you work with (or perhaps not setting and how that makes you feel) as well as take a look at how you might be stepping over a boundary with your teachers, colleagues, mentors or others with whom you interact.

online marketing training for yoga teachersChrissy Gruninger is Pranarkriya’s Marketing Specialist, Director of the Intentional Online Marketing program for yoga teachers and the owner of Social [media] Wellness™, a boutique international social media company. She primarily works with eco and wellness companies and individuals, or as she likes to say, “good people doing good things”. With a graduate degree in sustainable living along with health coaching and yoga certifications, she blends a background in conscious living with her business experience and online marketing knowledge, helping her clients bring their positive messages of wellbeing and harmony into the world.