by Amy Necci

How do you create a welcoming space?  This was the first question asked in the event description of our recent (virtual) Pranakriya Community Sharing Circle. When you think about this question, do more questions pop up?  I imagine they do.  Questions are certainly brewing for me as I continue my journey of learning, un-learning, and re-learning.  And questions are always okay.  So, I start by seeking answers within.  We can all start with Svadhyaya (self-study).  This could very likely bring up more questions…and churning.  That’s a useful catalyst for more contemplation and learning!  Always continue asking, reflecting, and yearning to grow. Over the past few years of seeking out and participating in many learning opportunities, the facilitators of the learning spaces I’ve been present in always extended an invitation, in some form or another, to engage in self-reflection.

Are you thinking “Where do I start? How do I continue? These are common questions and ones also included in the description for our Sharing Circle.  If you’re a yoga teacher, I would venture a guess that you’ve invited the students who attend your classes to be exactly where they are – in their bodies and their minds.  That’s where you start, too.  Exactly where you are.  Sit with and be the observer of all the thoughts and questions in your mind and feel how they show up in your body. Yoga gives us many tools for this work.  And just like yoga, this is not a competition or a performance.  If it ever starts to feel or show up that way, start again with Svadhyaya. You can decide from this reflection and the questions that come up what type of learning you might connect with (books, podcasts, interactive workshops and training) and what topics might be most needed at the moment.  What have you integrated from the learning you have engaged in? How have you put it into action? Once we do the work of looking within, finding more questions, and contemplating alone, it can also be beneficial to process, share, and integrate in a community of others who can relate to your experience because they are also having an experience.

If you have resources, ideas, and/or questions to share, or even simply want to witness and listen, please consider joining the Pranakriya community in one of our upcoming virtual Sharing Circles.  We have had one opportunity to come together in our Pranakriya Community Sharing Circle, and will join again in another, with the theme All Are Welcome Here: How do we get there? on Saturday, February 12 at 2:00 PM EST. Come with open arms and hearts to listen, to share space, and to speak your experience to the extent that you are comfortable. We look forward to having you join us.  Let’s start with Svadhyaya and then continue into Satya (truthfulness) together!