As I sat pondering what I should write about this month, I began to wonder if I would write anything at all.  I had plenty of themes I wanted to develop waiting for me on a brainstorm list that I keep, but nothing was presenting itself with an overwhelming need to be shared.  Shouldn’t an idea be calling to me? I contemplated the idea of not submitting anything; quite unlike me when I commit to a task. I considered that maybe this would simply have to be okay.  And it would have been.

Then, I thought that perhaps sharing this concept, in and of itself, might be helpful to me and to others.  I’m sure that just like me, there are plenty of you out there who put unnecessary pressure on yourselves. I’m learning how to navigate this a little better everyday. I have to choose to stop singing the “I should” blues.

We can all choose to be a little easier on ourselves.  We can all choose to breathe and quiet the harsh inner critic.  We can all choose to release extraordinary expectations. We can all choose to stop the “should” that screams so loud when we put on the pressure. I should be able to touch my heels in Camel Pose.  I should cut down on the amount of coffee I drink or at least cut out the creamer. I should keep reading what was chosen for book club instead of the “fluffy” fiction I miss so much. I should be able to contribute something creative and meaningful.  Seriously, let’s STOP!

If we have to use the word “should” to coax ourselves into it, then it’s somewhat forced.  If we have to force our way into something, be it a yoga pose, a task, an emotion, or a lifestyle, it may not be coming from a place of authenticity. We may not be ready for it, or maybe it’s not what is true for us in that moment. That. Is. Okay.  After all, shouldn’t we at least be real?

amy necci, kids yoga teacher