sallyRaven’s Wing Yoga opened in June of 2004, after being a local yoga co-op where I, Sally taught one, then 2, then about 5 classes week. The gentleman who organized the space did not want to continue and asked if I wanted to take over the rent. I so longed for a sacred space in my home town so I chose trust over fear and jumped into studio ownership. Never did I think I would open a yoga studio! Those core 20 or so students stayed with me and we grew it together!

In 2008, we moved into a larger more centralized space and we saw our student population grow and many of our students became teachers. In 2013, we opened an additional space for special classes, trainings and events. Now with 2 small children in tow, Raven’s Wing continues to be a huge blessing of sangha in all of our lives!

Raven’s Wing was born from the deep intentions my teachers instilled in me; teach all of what yoga is, stay true to the practice and what awareness it can reveal, and my own personest-outsidenal intention – offer this to all who want positive change.

We continue to offer a diverse scheduling of classes with 20 teachers. We offer classes in the Pranakriya, Kundalini and Yin styles of yoga as well as Prenatal, Restorative, and Power Vinyasa. Most teachers are trained at the 200 and 500 hour level of training and beyond. We offer 33 weekly classes with additional series classes, workshops, kirtans and immersions.

We are always trying different ways to make our studio welcoming to those who think they cannot practice yoga because of financials, body type, etc, and to reach those who may benefit tremendously from it. We offer free donation classes, as well as Recovery Yoga that integrates the 12 steps. We are happy to be in a position to offer sliding scale pricing to those in need.

Our  vision is to continue to be a positive force in the community and to break any yoga stereotypes of what yoga has become in main stream media. That this practice, for those curious, can be a healing tool in body and in mind. We have a partnership with the High School where some students have come over to participate in our Karma Yoga program.wing-inside-empty

Raven’s Wing has a foundation of Kripalu Yoga, as Kripalu was my first yoga schooling as part of the seva program in 1998 & 1999, when Yoganand was the director of the Spiritual Lifestyle Program! I have big influence from my Native American heritage where I have married my studies in Yoga with Native Teachings. We stay close to the connection of the seasons and the natural world and how these connections can enhance our attention on health and well-being. Our very name Raven’s Wing came from a favorite childhood creation story, that the breath of the Raven’s Wing gave life to the first humans. The Raven symbolizes a deep wisdom, that when we get wrapped up the mind’s limiting beliefs, remember the breath, remember there is much, much more to open up to.