Swami Kripalu Resources

These resources are from Yoganand Michael Carroll’s private archives and were collected while he was living at Kripalu Ashram both during Swami Kripalu (Bapuji) four year visit (1977-81) and after. All of Swami Kripalu’s writing during his residency are copyrighted by Kripalu Center unless published elsewhere by Swami Kripalu. All photos and recordings made by Kripalu Center staff are the property of Kripalu Center.

All downloads from this page are made available with the permission of Kripalu Center. Their sole purpose is to support interested students in study and devotional practices. They are not to be posted elsewhere on the web, distributed to others, or used for commercial or other purposes without written permission.

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PREMYATRA VOL. I – First published in 1981. It contains Swami Kripalu’s teachings on the Yamas (yoga practices of ethical restraint). This book contains five chapters edited from five lectures delivered by Swami Kripalu to American students.

Prem Yatra vol. 1, Chapter 1, Celibacy

Prem Yatra vol. 1, Chapter 2, Non-violence

Prem Yatra vol. 1, Chapter 3, Truth 

Prem Yatra vol. 1, Chapter 4, Non-stealing

Prem Yatra vol. 1, Chapter 5, Non-attachment


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