amy necci, kids yoga teacherI’m so happy that summer is here, and that we can see such growth all around us.  This inspires me to stay focused on continuing to blossom and allowing myself to be seen.  Over the winter and spring I learned some important lessons about balance and taking care of myself that have helped me in this journey of growth.

I have a very full life.  (I use the word full in this way to mean scheduled because I dislike the word busy and how it is often glorified or holds a negative connotation.) .  I love my full schedule because it means that I’m out there sharing and serving; it has helped me achieve my goal this year of allowing myself to be seen in ways I haven’t before. (You can read about my journey into that in my post from March.) One of my favorite quotes is  from Ghandi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  This sharing and showing up is my way of living these words and making myself more present

Along with that courage to show up and share myself with the world comes another kind of courage: the courage to NOT be seen, at least not all the time.  Sounds counterproductive, right? Actually, it’s quite necessary. Often, when we share our goals, we launch ourselves unceasingly into the practices that will move us forward. I have caught myself doing this very thing and have had to remind myself that I don’t have to take advantage of every opportunity pertaining to my goals.

Life threw me some wake up calls over the last handful of months.  I’m a public school teacher, and on one snowy day after school was cancelled, the first thing I did was sign up online for a yoga class at a studio where I practice and teach.   After some self-observation, I asked myself, “Amy what are you doing? School was cancelled so that you can stay inside and rest!” In the spring my body had to turn the volume up awfully loud in the form of pain to send me another message. It was time to rest and share with myself the lessons that I share with my students and others. These moments were chances to take a look at my intentions and reflect about what was happening physically and emotionally, discerning if what I was doing was the best idea for me at that time.

I was grateful that life gave me these reminders to look deep inside at what I needed.  I have taken this as a chance to grow. If the intention behind my sharing and service is to help others to create balance for their lives, I better be walking my talk and creating balance in my own life.  When I take the time to give back to myself and allow myself to not be seen, I can thoroughly enjoy all of the other ways my life is so full – of contentment and joy, that is.