Therapeutic Applications for Teaching Yoga

The Pranakriya Therapeutic Application of Yoga Certification Program is designed to provide Yoga Teachers with a strong personal understanding and expansive working knowledge of the healing powers of Tantra Hatha Yoga and the ability to safely communicate this information to their clients/students.
This program provides a link between ancient yogic teachings and Western medical healing modalities. Students will study and experience the concepts of Tantra Hatha Yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation and asana and apply this knowledge as they develop skills to work with all populations.  They will learn how to teach and assist yoga students with wide ranging conditions and limitations using creative modifications and variations of well know asanas.  Students will gain tools to understand, navigate and assess the physical, energetic and pranic fields of themselves as well as their clients and use this information and deeper intuition to help clients realize their most centered, balanced and healthy selves.

Required Core Curriculum:

All 300-hour students must complete the Core Curriculum


Specialized Electives: these courses are specific to the Therapeutic Applications for Teaching Yoga

  • Deepening The Asana Experience – Asanas for Gentle Yoga
  • Basic Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training or Ayurveda: The Natural Way Toward Health & Wellness
  • Therapeutic Tools to Work with Every Body
  • The Therapeutic Relationship:  Ethics, Boundaries and Cultivating Intuitive Healing
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment